Fully Accredited Arts High School

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Rigorous Academic Program

Professional Performing Arts Training

National Award-Winning Student Artworks

Professional Performing Arts Training

We are a fully accredited arts high school in San Francisco.

Xian Yun Academy of the Arts, founded in 2010, is a fully accredited independent arts secondary school located in the heart of San Francisco, California.  We offer a complete academic and arts program for grades 5 – 12.

Xian Yun offers a rigorous academic program that focuses on applied knowledge and emphasizes understanding and practical applications. Xian Yun has a great team of teachers with strong but diversified backgrounds, who are dedicated to inspiring students and supporting them in all their endeavors.


Xian Yun’s arts program trains students in technical competence, and enriches their lives with beauty. Traditional arts training helps students build their capabilities in academic subjects. It also helps them become more focused and self-disciplined, improves their academic efficiency, and ultimately leads to greater academic achievements.


Education is more than textbooks, examinations, and report cards, though these obviously play a key role in teaching and learning. The goal at Xian Yun Academy of the Arts CA is development of the total person and Student Activities help to address this goal. Every Xian Yun student is encouraged to participate in an extra-curricular activity requiring time and commitment on his part.

My daughter progressed so much in dance in just one summer!


High School Parent

Ms. Ritter continues to deliver very high level math instruction in an extremely supportive, fun and exploratory way. Tulin’s math capabilities and understanding are continuing to grow and Ms. Ritter’s unique mix of nurturing instruction and enthusiasm has been instrumental in Tulin’s development.

Mr. Emin

Middle School Parent

Here, everyone is everyone’s friend.


Middle School Student