High School/College Prep Program

In addition to training in the traditional arts, we provide students with a rigorous, college-preparatory program that includes academic coursework, advising, counseling, and standardized test prep.  All courses offered in the major disciplines meet or exceed California Common Core grade standards and prepare students for study at highly selective colleges. We also offer AP and Honors courses in English, Social Studies, Math, the Sciences and Chinese.

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Student Academic Achievement

Our students have consistently scored above the state and international mean on AP exams:

Small class sizes, experienced teachers, and an integrated learning model foster success in both the classroom and on standardized tests.  Between 2014 and 2018, Xian Yun academic track students have achieved:

  •    ACT mean score: English 29, Math 27, Reading 32, Science 29, Composite 31.
  •    PSAT scores: 80% students scored at the 90th percentile or better.

An Academic Success Story

A striking example of the Xian Yun Academy difference is:

Student A graduated from Xian Yun Academy in June 2014.

College Attending: Pratt Institute’s fashion design program in New York City

Student A was originally an ELL student from China.  Her 9th-grade scores from her school in China were low: a 67% average in language arts, 80% in science, 80% in math, and 68% in history.  She repeated her 9th-grade year with us and joined our ESL program in academics and our fine arts program for her arts major.  She earned a 3.9 GPA with us her first year and continued to excel, making the honor roll every semester. She graduated and earned a 4.08 cumulative GPA.

Student A’s GPA and academic scores. 9th represents the 9th grade score prior to attending Xian Yun Academy.

University Success

9th Grade Students

The counselor will help 9th graders explore their interests and goals.  They will begin their 4-year plan illustrating significant high school courses, extracurricular activities, standardized test prep, and college application strategies. They will work on building skills they need to find success through our rigorous academic program while also exploring many fields of interests.

10th Grade Students

The counselor will discuss graduation requirements and student work in a more in-depth way with 10th graders.  The counselor will present options for standardized testing. Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves both academically and artistically.  They will also be encouraged to make summer plans that may include more of these challenges, even gaining work experience.

College Guidance

The Xian Yun Academy College Counseling Program is designed to help each student find the college that is right for them. Our school counselors guide our high school students with their college applications, resumes, artistic portfolios, auditions, and interviews. Every student will receive individual attention from our school’s college counselors from freshman to senior year.

The counselor will set up a four year graduation plan illustrating significant high school courses, extracurricular activities, summer planning, standardized test selection and preparation, and college application strategies. The counselor will continually meet on a semester basis with each student throughout their high school career in order to ensure that the student is motivated and on track to successfully accomplish their goals.

11th Grade Students

Eleventh grade students will receive workshops on creating an account with the common application website, how to craft the best possible application essays, ask for letters of recommendation, and have workshops on how to present themselves professionally in any type of interview (college, job, etc…).  The counselor will assist students with exploring college options and encourage students to schedule visits to these institutions. Students will learn how to check for college entrance requirements for incoming freshman and they will schedule and/or plan for meeting those requirements before any necessary deadlines.

12th Grade Students

Once students enter their 12th grade year, they will have frequent appointments with their academic counselors in order to discuss drafts of application essays, fill out applications, set goals, and set deadlines for all college application related work.  Our arts faculty will help the 12th grade students in the arts program to organize and present their art portfolios for applications to fine arts colleges, while our dance teachers will assist their students as they prepare for dance auditions.